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posted by Jeff | Sunday, July 6, 2008, 6:59 PM | comments: 1

I've had my HDTV for about two and a half years, buying it with my Xbox 360. The thing is, the only thing I've really watched in HD is the stuff I recorded with my DVR off the air.

Now that I've switched to cable from DirecTV, I've got a few more HD options, including all of the locals (I can't get my NBC affiliate over the air because it's on channel 2, which is VHF and low power). Being sick this weekend, I watched a lot of TV.

Today we watched the Wimbledon final, which was "the longest in history" as they said countless times, and I have to say it was very cool to watch in HD. The AVP finally got some network time too, so I got to see Misty and Kerri win again (shocker, I know). Honestly, it's hard to watch stuff in standard def now. Owning high def cameras I can't even stand home video in SD! I know the feds get a lot of criticism for forcing digital on the world, but honestly, I think it had to be done. I'm not sure why people have megapixel mania when it comes to digital photos, and yet people settle for shitty TV resolution. The Olympics are gonna be fun to watch!

The DVR that Time-Warner provided is a complete piece of shit. It makes me appreciate just how good BeyondTV really is. It makes no differentiation between repeats, only times. As you know, cable channels air stuff a million times and change the times frequently too. It's worthless.


JRY13SP, July 7, 2008, 2:54 AM #

Does your Time Warner DVR freeze up randomly like ours does? We have two HD-DVRs from them (because they don't make just the HD receivers) and the newer one freezes all the time with the software on it. The old one, on the other hand, runs much more smoothly.

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