High hopes for fall TV

posted by Jeff | Monday, September 28, 2009, 11:02 PM | comments: 0

So far, so good on TV shows. With so many that we watched biting the dust, I wondered if we'd be watching much of anything. TV is not a huge thing for us anyway, but I wondered if we'd be limited to House, Fringe and 24. Here's the recap of what we've seen so far.

The Cleveland Show: A spin-off for Family Guy seems weird, and I wouldn't have picked that character for it. Surprisingly though, once you get past all of the character set up, it does look like it has potential. Clearly they don't take themselves too seriously, as they've already used the joke about white people making shows for black people that are really bad. And what the hell, the bears living next door are hilarious.

Family Guy: First show was one of the epic Brian and Stewie adventures, and it was a ton of laughs. They pull no punches making fun of Disney, though I'm not sure I get where Disney had something against Jews, other than some unproven rumor that Walt was an anti-Semite. One of the alternate realities they visit has dogs being the dominant species with humans as their pets, and you can imagine where that goes.

Modern Family: Saw this one plugged in the "First Look" thing before the movies (along with Trauma), and decided to give it a shot. It's completely hilarious, and well written. Despite having to do a fair amount of character set up (there are 10 in the ensemble, not counting the baby), they nailed a ton of smart jokes and the characters are already very well drawn. It could be huge.

Fringe: What can I say... it's Alias meets X-Files, without aliens. It very thoroughly covers a growing mythology (where's The Observer though?) with solid episodic plots. It's starting to get a little more weird, but I think the writing has been smart enough that they'll stay on course. Easily one of my favorite shows in a long time.

House: Great start to the season, and I look forward to seeing how they work him back into routines. Clearly they had to move on from the pill popping and House-gets-along-with-no-one routine because it's not believable that anyone can function like that indefinitely. Now that he's detoxed and realizes what a douche he is, what's next?

FlashForward: We got around to watching this tonight, and it has a lot of promise. It's going to weigh very heavily on themes of destiny and fate, seeing as how everyone blacked out and saw two minutes of their future, which happens to fall at the traditional end of the regular TV season. And the conspiracy element has been set up as well, with the find on surveillance video of one person at a Tigers game who did not pass out. Fucking Detroit, of course.

Still TBD... Trauma, which started tonight, and Clone Wars, restarting this weekend. I'm sure 24 is a post-holiday start.


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