High hopes for Imogen Heap

posted by Jeff | Monday, July 14, 2008, 1:45 PM | comments: 0

I've mentioned before that I've been watching Imogen Heap's video blog as she goes through the process of writing and recording her new album. It's so bloody fascinating to hear her talk about her process, her strange samplings and her very non-traditional instruments. She's just weird enough (in a good way) that she leaves a lot of convention behind and does whatever comes to mind. I really dig that.

I've got high hopes for her next album, because honestly most of the artists that I've come to love have kind of just fizzled out. Garbage has no plans to get together to record, and Shirley Manson's solo stuff is apparently being held hostage by her record company. Most of the groups or singers I like just aren't doing anything these days. It bums me out. I find new stuff periodically (Bitter:Sweet) and some old favorites are at the top of their game (Supreme Beings of Leisure), but those tend to be exceptions.

So, no pressure, Imogen, but I hope you can deliver on this one!


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