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We dropped by the house that isn't ours today, where they've mudded up the drywall and sprayed the texturing stuff on the walls and ceiling. I think once they start doing cabinets, we'll really understand the kitchen, but they will likely start locking the doors by then! Meanwhile, they've set the plumbing and framing for the foundation on our house. I still keep getting that sinking feeling of, "What if the bank changes their mind in January?" Gotta let that go.

Seeing a number of houses all coming together in that block (surrounded by a buffer of empty fields and roads that go nowhere), I'm starting to feel the desire to decorate. It has been a long time since I've been able to really decorate space as my own, and the last time I bought a house (2001), I didn't have much money to do any decorating anyway.

Diana has started to explore color for paint. There are a number of schemes that some of the paint companies offer as starting points, which is very cool. She got the bug for a blue in one of the models we looked at, and I think that will be our bedroom. I'm totally on board with that, as I think it will contrast well with the dark flooring and the lighter furniture. The rest of the house is up for grabs.

Not sure how we're going to paint, but the more I look at renting a sprayer, the less confident I am with that. Sure, the house will be empty, but you need to cover everything to the extreme because of all that airborne paint. Might just have to stick with a brush. We have 9-foot ceilings downstairs, but no insanely high cathedral deals.

The exterior was something we had to choose from a limited number of schemes, because of alternating requirements established by the builder and the developer. That's fine with me, I like what we picked. I do think I would like to explore some of that low wattage exterior lighting though. I think it might look nice with the columns out front, though it would have been more badass if we could have afforded the stone accents. That would have cost a minimum six grand extra.

The kitchen has three design points for us to consider. First is cabinet hardware, which is a pretty simple thing, and it gives me an excuse to use my drill. Then there's the backsplash, which is going to be tough to choose something that matches the cabinets and countertop well. To me the most important thing is the extra lighting. We ordered extra wiring for a pendant light over the sink, but I imagine we'll do something tracked there, since it's a big open counter space that we could potentially eat at. The lighting is the thing that I think makes the most impact in my brother-in-law Joe's kitchen.

As much as it's kind of an uninteresting box space, I'm also looking forward to making the covered patio awesome. It's not huge, but some nice outdoor furniture, and perhaps some Chinese lanterns or something, would be very cool. I think at some point we may consider expanding the patio, but we'll see.

One thing I want to mostly avoid is blinds. I don't understand the obsession here in Florida with blinds. It's the sunshine state, open those bitches up! It's strange to see blinds in every window, closed. Not me. I hate them.

There are a few other minor things, like ceiling fans and such. I want to make my office comfortable as well, but not sure how that will go exactly. This is still all subject to budget constraints, because I don't want to blow through a ton of cash before we've even been in there a month!


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