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posted by Jeff | Sunday, August 14, 2011, 10:18 PM | comments: 0

This has been the strangest summer. I've watched a great many of my friends on Facebook post photos of home improvement projects, ranging from a total top floor remodel to new kitchens to new paint. And here's the weird thing... I wish I could have a project like that.

I'm the guy who paid some dudes to cut my grass. I wasn't even brave enough to run cable up to one of my spare bedrooms. Despite this general aversion to home improvement, I kind of wish I could have some projects. I think it partly comes from the fact that I can't, because I rent. That comes with a certain amount of dissatisfaction that we can't really "nest" since we don't own the place.

Then the urge is made worse by HGTV. Even Restaurant Impossible, the show on Food Network where they re-do a restaurant, gives me the home improvement itch.

I never did a lot of decorating in my post-divorce years. Things just kind of stayed the same unless something prompted change. For example, I replaced furniture, I replaced carpet, and that was about it. I never did any painting, or did hardwood flooring in the kitchen. I never put better light fixtures in, or got that ceiling fan up in the living room (in part because I needed a huge ladder).

I look forward to these seemingly silly tasks, someday.


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