Homestead adjustment update

posted by Jeff | Friday, October 14, 2011, 11:09 PM | comments: 0

We've been in the house for about a week now, which doesn't sound like very long when I say it out loud. The feeling of coming back to the house I expected to never see again when I left it two years ago continues to be exceptionally strange, but I think that's a future post.

From a physical occupation standpoint, there's a fair amount of settling still going on, but overall it has gone pretty well. Diana has ruthlessly execute countless boxes every day, and the packing debris already hit the garbage, while two families took the bulk of the boxes off of our hands. There are still a few things I can't find, like the desk clamp to my microphone boom, but overall things are very nearly feeling functional.

On the improvement front, the new living room really feels pretty comfortable. The new couch, ottoman and chair-and-a-half came on Tuesday. Decided to go with microfiber again because it's resistent to Simon's, uh, fluids, and the cats don't seem to harm it. A part of me wanted leather, but the deal on these pieces was pretty solid, and it's comfortable. The green walls really work, though I think they'll pop more once we get the baseboards and fireplace to white. What really pleases me is the Ikea TV stand and cabinet. It really consolidates all of the electronic crap and has a small foot print. The wall-mounted shelf for the center channel and Kinect really did the trick as well. It's a comfortable space overall that has almost nothing in common with the way it was two years ago.

The lighting re-do is a work in progress. The first priority was making all of this brass shit go away. There were a total of four brassy fixtures with three lamps each that I pulled down and replaced with $11 Home Depot specials that are a simple brushed nickel with a glass frosted dome. They look better and put out more light. We're still shopping for new foyer and dining room fixtures. The giant fluorescent in the kitchen is also coming down, probably to be replaced with some kind of spot/track something or other.

We pulled Simon out of the west bedroom because it was getting to cold in there with the door closed. It's on the corner of the house, where the wind generally hits, and it just gets too chilly. Bummer because that's the one Diana painted. We moved him into the east bedroom, which used to be my office once upon a time, and the extra foot of room actually makes it a lot more comfortable. For now, we're going to leave the two green walls.

The downstairs room is once again my office space, and Simon's unofficial playroom as well. I'm trying to get to the surface of my desk, and it's getting there. I haven't missed paying any bills, at least.

The kitchen is still awkward because we haven't mounted the microwave yet. I'm fairly confident that I have all of the hardware now to make it work.

The exterior is still a mess. We'll do another weed/feed, trim the bushes, and that's it until spring.


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