How long will the good ad times last?

posted by Jeff | Monday, August 9, 2010, 11:07 PM | comments: 0

I know I've mentioned it a couple of times, but I'm still finding it remarkable how well online ads are doing for me right now. Over the years, I've just accepted and become used to the fact that this is never a consistent phenomenon. And yet, for four straight months, I've seen some incredible CPM's. They're not as hot as they were in 2000, mind you, but nothing to sneeze at.

I'm crossing my fingers that these big payments keep coming at least for a few months, because I'm getting really close to getting the business out of debt again. Needless to say, most of last year, the business paid me before it paid itself, since I had no day job. Our big consumer credit card is very nearly paid-off as well. It looks like the entire recovery process will take almost a year since I started the job in November, which is much longer than I expected. Of course, I haven't sold my house, either.

I have lots of angst over that. If my house would have sold around the time I moved, and I didn't have to dig-out from credit cards, I'd have something on the order of $35k in the bank toward my next house. That hurts. Add in money being banked for taxes on the short sale of Diana's house, the full replacement of stolen plumbing there, and then you're in the neighborhood of $45k. So in a sense, while my financial future wasn't exactly looking peachy in Cleveland, it is taking an entire year just to get to a break-even point, and that's assuming that my house actually sells soon.

The ad income won't last forever, and I know that even from the seasonal nature of thing. Page views on the year are still up 7%, while visitors are flat, but starting late this month, people will go back to the business of not going to amusement parks as much, and traffic will slide. It's just how it goes. Clearly I need to get into some different businesses! I need to use that sweet Las Vegas inspired domain name I have. :)

Somebody buy my damn house!


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