How very far I've come

posted by Jeff | Thursday, September 28, 2006, 10:38 AM | comments: 0

I've taken a few moments in the last day or so to look at where I am in life, and wow, I certainly don't have any room to bitch.

While the last year and a half has been emotionally challenging, my life is far more awesome than I'm willing to let myself believe. That's probably been true most of my life, but now in particular. I've reached great milestones in my career, which I only entered five years ago. I can afford to do all of the broadcast media stuff I used to do, only on my own terms. I have the toys I like. There's a woman out there who totally wants me. I mean, if it would just stop raining, life would be nearly perfect.

It's funny how when things suck, it causes a loop that you get stuck in, and you find it hard to make things un-suck. But when things are going well, you can keep things perpetually up with little to no effort. You just get energized.


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