I can see my desk, and job musings

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, January 31, 2006, 12:07 AM | comments: 0

Well, if the day job has done anything to me so far, it has forced me to get on more of a normal sleeping schedule. It also forces me to get off the damn couch, put down the 360 controller, and instead sit at this beautiful 20 inches of LCD goodness so I can actually get some shit done.

I've been paying my bills on time and all, but I had a bunch of checks to deposit, statements to reconcile, CB Club cards to process, etc. All I have left is some hotels to book for volleyball, then I'm good to go.

As much as I suffer from SAD this time of year, I hate not being able to stay up until I pass out. It's weird that someone who needs sun to be happy can be so nocturnal. :) I'm f'd up.

The job is interesting so far. Generally speaking I'd say the company really has it together and I think there are some great learning opportunities there, which is precisely what I need to keep my brain from turning to Jell-o®. Working for The Man will perhaps work out now that I've met The Man, and he's got his shit together.

Here's the odd thing I didn't expect... all of the cranial stimulation has motivated me to actually do some of the things I haven't done. Of course that's the case, now that I don't have the time to just sit around on my ass all day.

Oh, and was Bon Jovi New Jersey not one of the best rock albums of the late 80's? Rock was so less serious in those days. Thanks iTunes random thingy.


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