I declare swamp-ass season over

posted by Jeff | Monday, September 21, 2020, 8:10 PM | comments: 0

I think we're finally there. After a couple of crappy rainy weekends, there are no high temperatures in the forecast higher than 88, midday humidity is near 50%, and there's actually an under-70 overnight low on the way. All we need to do now is get through the last of the fall mosquitos, love bugs, maybe some midges, and we're in "winter!"

This summer seemed to last longer than usual, which is weird because if anything we probably spent more time inside without the theme parks and such. I get slug-like from late June to mid September, because being outside is gross. Since a long weekend beach trip in July, I've been content to stay in the air conditioning. I'm up a pound or two since the start of July, but still lower than my weight at the end of last year, so here's hoping I can bounce back and get my body out of this lethargy quickly.

The cooler weather will be nice, but it will be weird this year to not have the concert series during Epcot Food & Wine, and then our annual hotel tour around the holidays to see the gingerbread houses and trees.

After work today, I sprawled out in the sun on the patio with a significant breeze, and it was so good. I needed that.


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