I hate it so much I can't stop playing it!

posted by Jeff | Thursday, June 14, 2012, 11:44 PM | comments: 0

Those of us with Windows Phones are undoubtedly familiar with Wordament. Think Boggle, only every word counts for your score, and you play against everyone else who is playing. It was one of the apps built by Microsoft employees (we got free access to the app marketplace), and the company eventually asked the two dudes to keep developing it as their full-time job. Then they made it an Xbox Live title, so it now has achievements!

I was always pretty good at playing Boggle against other humans. Well, against my family on camping trips, mostly. This game frustrates me for some reason. I typically land in the top third of each game, but for some reason I think I should be smarter than that. Diana usually gets the top fourth, though she plays it more than I do.

Until the last few days, I didn't play much, but suddenly I'm more interested in it. It's kind of genius... you can play for two minutes and instantly see how you rank. It reminds me a little of NTN Trivia in bars and Buffalo Wild Wings, only it doesn't take a half-hour to get through ten questions and see your rank.

Part of it is that I just happen to admire what they built. From a technical perspective, it's interesting, and the simplicity of the networked gameplay is brilliant. I wish I would have thought of it. The cheerleader in me likes that it's on Windows Phone, too (it will apparently be on Windows 8, too).


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