I love my laptop

posted by Jeff | Friday, July 1, 2005, 4:46 PM | comments: 2

OK, so this is a little geeky, but I really love my Dell Inspiron 6000. I love that I paid only $756 for it. I love that the battery lasts three hours. I love that it doesn't bake my potatoes when it's on my lap. Best of all, I love the glorious, perfect WSXGA+ screen.

I don't really get geeked out about computer gear anymore. I guess since I deal with these machines for a living, I'm just well beyond that now. But this thing really is the first piece of tech I've felt good about using since my first digital SLR camera in 2002.

I guess the biggest surprise for me has been the screen. It's the first LCD I've ever had that has no defects. I've also discovered that this wide aspect ration, 1680x1050, is absolutely better than two conventional monitors for working with code. That's important since it's 75% of what I do with it. I wasn't expecting that. Now it makes me want to get a 20" Apple CinemaDisplay for my desktop (same resolution, much sharper than the two crappy Viewsonics I have now).

Enjoying this thing at least gets me over the purchase regret.


CGG, July 2, 2005, 12:55 AM #

I understand completely. I feel the way way about my cell phone. Who geeks out over an outdated cell phone? Me I guess

diddy, July 2, 2005, 2:52 AM #

Instead of the 20" Apple CinemaDisplay, take a look at the Dell 2005FPW, which is the same flat panel (a LG Phillips), just without the metal framing. There are some other differences, as well. Some plus for Apple, some plus for Dell.


I just received my new laptop and docking station setup, which included the Dell 2001FP. It is amazing the difference between a 19" and 20" flat panel. 1" doesn't sound like it would make that big of a difference, but it does.

I bought the dock because I actually went the other way in terms of laptop size. I replaced my old Inspiron 8000 (one of the first with a 15" screen -- and about 12 lbs) with a Latitude D410.

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