I might have an ice cream problem

posted by Jeff | Saturday, May 24, 2014, 11:06 PM | comments: 0

I've always enjoyed ice cream. I think that's pretty normal. It's not uncommon to have some in the freezer at our house, usually something from Schwan's, because their vanilla (and various derivatives like chocolate chip) is pretty damn good.

When I lived in Cleveland, the problem was mostly a milkshake problem. Being just a mile from a Steak-n-Shake and a Sonic did not help things, and the time of year didn't matter. I think it has gotten worse though since moving to Florida. Now I branch out with Schwan's (Silvermint bars? Yes please!). There's a little local place in Windermere that has really good ice cream and shakes too. Oh, and if we're friends on Facebook, you know about my unhealthy obsession with Dolewhip, the pineapple soft serve you can get at Magic Kingdom and the Polynesian. It was at Epcot during the Flower & Garden Festival, and now it's also available at Animal Kingdom (with rum!). Granted, what I love the most is the float at Magic Kingdom... vanilla and pineapple swirl in pineapple juice. If there's a better cold dessert, I haven't found it. I've waited 20 minutes for that stuff.

This isn't good for my figure I'm sure. Today we were driving through Sanford, on the way back from the Central Florida Zoo, and found an old school Dairy Queen, like the walk-up kind with no dining room or hot food. I ordered, without shame, a large Arctic Rush raspberry float, and it was delicious. How long has it not been a "Mr. Misty?" Who cares, it was the right mix of soft serve and brain freeze.

Clearly if this ice cream problem does not improve, I'm going to have to get more exercise. There's no room for fried food or drinking.


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