I wish I was more into gaming

posted by Jeff | Sunday, February 20, 2005, 11:53 PM | comments: 0

Every once in awhile, especially when I read something in the online press about video games, I get the itch to play more. I used to play games a lot more than I do now (which is to say I barely do anymore).

Here's the problem: These days I have a hard time doing anything that isn't both for pleasure and hopefully for generating some revenue. I'm really enjoying writing code lately, but part of my motivation is to make money (something I'm also not very good at right now). Aside from TV and volleyball, I don't let myself get lost in a good game.

Halo 2 was the last one I played all the way through, and boy did that end up being short. I've only fired up the online version twice. Meanwhile, I've got SpongeBob and Kingdom Hearts to finish, and I never even started Final Fantasy X, all three of which I picked up at the bargain price point.

Then I start to ask why I don't have a gaming site. At least common sense kicks in there. There is no way in hell any practical business plan will ever make that a good idea in that crowded market.


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