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We made our triumphant return to the annual Red Cross mini-golf fundraiser at Cedar Point today. Prior to moving, I think I had done it 12 straight years, and some years, we even sponsored two teams. We had a team in 2010, but I wasn't there, and then last year we didn't have anyone. Turn out this year wasn't great, with fewer than 36 teams. Some years, they had to double up teams on most of the holes. This year it was me, Diana, Walt and my friend Jeff.

In any case, the first and biggest change this year was having Simon there. For the most part, he was pretty good about running around the course with us, though he kept charging the green ahead in front of some very understanding ladies. Some dickhead kid behind us made some smartass comment to Diana about him holding up things, getting in the way while we played, but we were generally waiting at the next hole every time. Whatever. He really liked the water features, and he got some practice walking up a few steps here and there without holding on to anything. That was fantastic.

I guess we didn't win anything as a team, but that's OK. Obviously the event is about fundraising, and I'm happy to say that I've donated more to charities this year than probably any prior year. There's a part of me that gets a lot of satisfaction from philanthropy, and while I haven't always had money to donate to stuff, I wish I would have done more in other ways.

This event always has a ton of door prizes, and a raffle to win a stay up in one of the big Breakers rooms. I didn't win the raffle, but I arguably won the best door prize... a night at Great Wolf Lodge! It's good for a year, minus obvious blackout dates, so we'll probably use it next winter, and add a night. The only prizes I've won previously were some golf balls and a $20 certificate for TGI Friday's. Considering the number of years I've done this, I think it was karma that I finally won something awesome!

I've always been hesitant to give money to the national Red Cross, but this local chapter pretty much turns around all of their money and gives it to victims of local disasters, typically house fires. I can really get behind local organizations that have that kind of impact.

It was kind of nice to be back in this particular spring routine. Visiting Cedar Point won't be like it used to be, because clearly we won't get to do as much riding (unless we find more friends willing to watch Simon while at the park), but introducing him to stuff there will be a lot of fun.



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Hopefully this is a +1 in your locale comparisons!

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