ICOM flashbacks

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, March 9, 2011, 9:43 PM | comments: 0

I had Insurance.com on the brain today. Earlier in the day, I received e-mail from a former co-worker looking to apply to the company and answer some questions about titles. Naturally I was happy to submit his resume internally. I'd like to go 2 for 2 on referral bonuses!

I've been looking around the company for a different job now that I've been there for awhile, to find something that more closely aligns with career goals and my own interests. So today I had an informational meeting with a guy about a really interesting gig, and around the corner from his office were two of the guys I worked with on my dev sub-team at ICOM, 2,000 miles away. How crazy is that? I referred one of them, but the other started around the same time. It would be a really insane coincidence if we ended up working on the same or closely related projects.

So many good memories of that place. It should never have tanked the way it did. It's even a little disheartening that a building full of smart people can have their efforts undermined by some really poor decisions at the top. Oh well. I think most of us went on to better things.


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