I'm collecting video content

posted by Jeff | Saturday, August 22, 2020, 2:20 PM | comments: 0

I've already had my video camera for about six weeks, but mostly have just played around with some time lapses, slow motion and lighting tests (and a distant rocket launch). So far, I'm pretty excited about what it's capable of capturing. It's fairly forgiving of poor exposure, and the raw capability, which is overkill generally, is pretty amazing. But in the short term, I'm already starting to collect content for all kinds of silly nonsense to put on the Internets.

Literally, I'm going to bring back SillyNonsense.com, a domain I've had for almost 20 years. It's where this blog began its life, before they called it a blog. I don't know what all we'll put on there, but it's fun to make stupid little videos about all kinds of things, and we're going to do that. So far, we know we'll do some drinks, probably some cooking, Lego reviews, product reviews, stupid cat tricks, and who knows what else. We have some ideas about how we can make it a little more meaningful, too.

Today I'm time-lapsing the build of the Lego Assembly Square. I kind of missed out on a bunch of the town building sets, as they're discontinued. There are only four currently available. I already have the Corner Garage, and it's super cool. Eventually, I'll have that stuff online somewhere.

This is my Covid thing, I want to make more stuff. I've got time for it.


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