Imminent server failure

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, February 3, 2010, 12:06 AM | comments: 0

I forget now how it came up, but the other day, some dudes at work were talking about geeky comprooder shit, when I indicated that my Web server was now about six years old. They looked at me in horror and couldn't believe I didn't have a hard drive failure or something by now. So now I live in fear that it's going to happen. (Thanks, guys.)

It's true that I've been considering an upgrade for awhile now, especially with the forthcoming new site adding to the mix. I've been putting it off in part because the new site wasn't even a Visual Studio project (it is now, about 70% functional but entirely style free), and also because I had some legacy "customers" on there. I use the quotes because I wasn't actually charging them anything. They're off now, so I can in earnest consider pulling the plug on the old box once I settle on a new one.

And that's the real big question, the where and what. I'm still paying December 2003 dollars for the set up I have, which is awesome. I won't be getting that kind of deal going forward, and will probably pay nearly twice what I used to. The upside is that I'll also get about four times the hardware, so I suppose it all balances out. I'm currently with The Planet, and I guess I'm mostly satisfied with them. I'm also considering SoftLayer, as someone recently suggested them to me.

While I don't think anything will break tomorrow, I'm not sure how much longer I can really tempt fate. I just don't want to spend more on a box. I don't feel like the return on investment is very good when the current one is working just fine (for now).


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