In search of pizza (and less snobbery)

posted by Jeff | Monday, February 22, 2010, 10:47 PM | comments: 0

I wouldn't describe myself as a pizza enthusiast. I mean, in college, KD Pizza in Ashland was the tits, because it was cheap and delicious. As a grown up, and particularly while Stephanie was a grad student at John Carroll, we used to frequent Pizzazz. It's still the best pizza I've ever had, period. Then of course there was Chet & Matt's near Cedar Point, which became a Halloweekends tradition for me and Diana last year.

Now we're starting over here in Seattle, and so far no real scores. Papa John's is good enough for local delivery (and we get a Microsoft discount), but it's just OK. We're looking for a good place to go out for pizza as well, preferably on the east side, but I'm not even sure where to start.

We really haven't gone out much at all since we got out here. We've probably tried about a dozen restaurants so far, and none of them have really done much for us. The place we went on New Year's Eve wasn't bad, and last weekend we went to a nice little Irish pub. I think what we'd really love to find is the Seattle version of the Winking Lizard, good quality comfort food, but I don't think such a place can exist here.

The problem is that people are arrogant snobs when it comes to food. My gut instinct is to attribute this to the amount of money here, because people with money tend to think that paying more for food makes it taste better. It's just a different mindset from the Midwest, where income alone does not drive the definition of what's good (see the Lizard and Melt for examples). Maybe it's the more practical, working class attitude toward food. I mean, people here are anti-franchise almost as a rule. Not that I endorse microwaved shitfests like Applebee's, but there are chains that make delicious food.

After next weekend, I suspect we'll be going out a bit less for awhile, but I think there could be some lunch time adventures looking for stuff.


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