Inevitable hot tub injury

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, February 25, 2009, 8:55 PM | comments: 2

I'm just too clumsy to not have had a hot tub injury by now, and it caught up with me.

We were sitting in there in the warmish breeze, when the motors turned off after their 20 minutes. At about the same time, some really large, really cold rain drops started to fall. I left the bottle of shock on the step so I could throw some in before coming back in. When I had the bigger bottles, the measuring scoop sat inside, but for the smaller one it doesn't. It's clear, and I didn't see it. So as I was getting out, I stepped on it, freaked out, and one leg fell off the left side of the step, the other off the right. It hurt. A lot.

So I get inside and sit down, and both ankles started to swell on the inside, where the part is that sticks out. I have no problem with range of motion or standing or walking, but holy shit is the right one seriously swelling. It's not quite a golf ball, but it seems like it may get there. It hurts like a bitch and I'm icing. The left one isn't as bad, and the swelling is more toward the top of my foot.

How does dumb shit like that happen?


Iceracer, February 27, 2009, 10:27 PM #

may be an inherited trait

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