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posted by Jeff | Friday, June 14, 2013, 10:28 AM | comments: 0

One of the more interesting changes that I've noticed about my life in the last 20 years is the lower frequency of situations where I'm experiencing something intensely emotional. The thing that reminds me of this the most is music. A song comes up and I'm transported to that time.

In fact, I'm surprised how much I can lose myself in a song, playing loud, making me feel intensely happy. When is the last time you just closed your eyes and rocked out to something? It's such a liberating feeling. Granted, I suspect I connect emotionally with music in a stronger way than others, but I can't imagine others don't have the same experience.

I have had a lot of emotionally intense experiences in recent years, because I have a child. Some of them are the negative "lose my shit" moments, but mostly it's smiles. I mean, when this little human you made does something cute, or says, "I love you Daddy," when he goes to bed, how can that ever get old? There's nothing else like it.

So when I say there are fewer intensely emotional moments in my life, I should be clear that it's the negative instances that I've largely managed to avoid. I think about my teenage years and my 20's, when everything was dramatic, and that sucked. I stay away from people who bring drama and bullshit into my life, because it's just not worth it. Not everyone does this, unfortunately. I think some people thrive on intense drama.

When you cut down on the negative, there's more room for the positive. Intensely emotional and positive stuff feels fantastic. I think as we go through life we strive to focus on the logical and rational things, but the intense emotional stuff is what makes us human.


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