iPhone 2.0 first impressions

posted by Jeff | Thursday, July 10, 2008, 2:32 PM | comments: 0

The new version of the iPhone software came out kind of early and not officially, so I downloaded and installed it. The update takes forever, but it's done and I've been playing with it.

The new phone, out tomorrow, switches to using 3G networks for data and has real GPS in it. Aside from that, all of the other new stuff, primarily the support for third party apps, comes with the update.

I've downloaded several apps, including AIM, Facebook and IGN Reviews. Pretty cool stuff. AIM has a pretty decent interface. I can't imagine using it a ton, but it's not bad. Facebook still won't work. I grabbed the IGN app because sometimes when I'm in a store looking at video games, I'm curious to know how they rate.

There are a ton of paid apps and I haven't really browsed them much. I admit a solitaire or poker game might be fun. Dragging cards around and what not.

I've not done any work today. Thanks, Apple.


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