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posted by Jeff | Saturday, July 11, 2009, 7:02 PM | comments: 1

For my previous iPhone, I bought a leather case for it, which had a belt clip on it. I never had any intention of needing the clip, but it added bulk to the phone that I liked. Naked, iPhones are very narrow and slippery, and after one day I feared that I would lose it. So when I got the newer 3GS, I got essentially the same case, only fitted for the newer model (which is more rounded). After a week or so, I generally liked it, but the snap was bent and opening from time to time.

Off to the west side Apple store to exchange it, the next one I tried didn't fit the phone well at all. It wasn't tapered at the bottom at all, which is strange because it's allegedly the same model. That kind of concerned me. The Apple guy busted out his iPod Touch and showed me his case, a plastic hard case coated with some kind of slightly rubbery stuff, and I loved it. It didn't interfere with the screen and it made it not slippery without a ton of extra bulk. I found the iPhone version of the case, and made the even exchange. I really like this one. The bottom slides off for docking too, though it makes little difference since these don't come with docks.

Meanwhile, I've always been silly gun shy about buying apps for the iPhone, for reasons I can't explain. I mean, 99 cents doesn't buy much. I love Sol Free for killing time (sidebar: It appears to be the same software house that made a similar game for the Palm devices ten years ago), but it recently occurred to me that it's the ultimate value game device. Most stuff is somewhere between a buck and five dollars, with a few up around ten. Console games tend to be $60, like Diana's birthday gift to me, Ghostbusters (which is fun, if only because I love those movies).

Everyone says FlightControl is good fun, so I bought it. Diana commandeered my phone and played it for quite a while this afternoon. I still think I'd like to get Apple's Texas Hold'em, one of the launch titles, and I noticed there's a version of Yahtzee, the latter of which would be an ideal time waster.


Tyler Neu, July 12, 2009, 12:43 AM #

I also need to buy a case because a drop is inevitable.

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