It's about the next vacation

posted by Jeff | Saturday, April 30, 2016, 9:00 PM | comments: 0

Something I've noticed in the last year is that I seem to always be very focused on the next vacation. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, necessarily, but it makes me wonder if what I'm doing in between is somehow not adequate, exciting or something else. Granted, it's really intense now, because my next big vacation is a cruise to Alaska, which will easily be my longest in duration, distance and expense in my lifetime. (Yeah, I'm kind of kicking myself for that, because it's coming so late in life.)

Part of this I suppose is caused by cruising. Prior to 2013, I saw cruising as a way of getting on a germ-infested flotilla of death (thanks, Carnival), but we had such an amazing time on our first cruise aboard the Disney Dream in early 2013 that I fell in love with the experience. Once we moved to Orlando and had easy access to Port Canaveral, we took full advantage of the three-day weekend cruise, and realized that cruising would be a great way to experience a lot of places we haven't previously been, to sample different cities and countries and perhaps revisit them for longer periods of time later on. That's where I think we're headed, hoping to do some European tours in the next two or three years.

But truthfully, even the short-term trips here and there are something I look very forward to. Summers have generally meant weekend trips up north. We've also done local weekends at places like Legoland and Clearwater. Heck, we've even done passholder rates at Disney resorts for hardcore, all-grownup experiences without Simon, literally a few miles from our house. I treasure these experiences.

I don't dislike daily life. I'm fortunate to have such an adorable little family and a job that mostly goes well. But I have to say, when we leave town, we do it right. The experiences-not-stuff lifestyle is for real. That's how we roll.


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