It's not going to happen this month

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, January 23, 2007, 7:32 PM | comments: 0

I remember about a month ago thinking I needed to blast through my check list and get to Milestone 1 for my forum re-write, but it didn't happen. I figured maybe another week, but it didn't happen either. So obviously, re-doing CoasterBuzz in time for its seventh anniversary, is not going to happen.

But I'm OK with it. I am getting closer to M1 on the forums, but there are a lot of little things that I need to give due attention to. I think I can get reasonably close to the milestone this month, and then take my time.

As motivated as I've generally been, I've had intense weeks at work here and there, which interfere with my motivation to come home and code some more. I like to get out of the house now and then, do stuff, or even just do nothing. I'm getting more into a mode where I'm OK with that arrangement, and achieving some level of balance.


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