It's not humid (yet)

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, May 19, 2021, 6:42 PM | comments: 0

I was reading something about the changes in the mask policy at the theme parks, written by a non-Central Floridian, and they mentioned something about comfort because it has been "hot and humid." This myth that it's always humid in Orlando is as persistent as the one that suggests it's always raining in Seattle. (For real, you have to irrigate your lawn or it'll die in the summer, because there's so little rain in Seattle summer.)

Around midday today, it was about 81 degrees with humidity around 39%. That's mostly been the story for the last few weeks. In the winter, it's very dry, to the point of wildfire risk, and also gets cold enough to turn on the heat for short periods of time. We've got some potential record highs coming next week, but with humidity well below 50%. Does it get humid? You bet it does.

In June, the humidity starts to rise, and by July, it's full-on swamp-ass season. The afternoon thunderstorms become more prevalent by then as well, as weather and moisture from both coasts meet in the middle. The storms become less frequent in September, but we still have some humid-ish weather through the end of October. I often hear people from Ohio talk about how terrible this is, but if we're being honest, Cleveland basically has the same weather from July to September, with high humidity. It also fluctuates a lot more between 70 and 100 because it doesn't have the Atlantic to help regulate. So really, "fall" down here doesn't arrive until November, maybe six weeks later, but then it's amazing until the following June.

So don't be projecting your humidity on us. Yeah, 90 is still 90, but 70 is also jacket weather. And who doesn't love jacket weather?


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