Keeping your company culture

posted by Jeff | Sunday, July 30, 2017, 10:27 PM | comments: 0

Last week was a pretty good one at work. Well, it was way busier than I'd like, but the quality of the work was pretty great. We started the week with an all-day morale event at the Orlando Eye and then Dave & Busters. Our company roster is at 11, which is small, but it was half that size a year ago. It's really exciting to be there at this stage in its growth. It was the first time we had everyone in the same room since I started, since we're remote and distributed.

I've worked for a number of small companies (under 20 people), and they've all ended poorly. What's different this time? It's actually pretty straight forward. We stick to having A-players, first of all. There is a relentless emphasis on self-awareness and improvement. Strategic execution is something we always look at. Maybe most importantly, our customers are quite literally integrated into our company, which is unique.

Certainly we'll keep getting bigger over time, and keeping the culture we have will be challenging, but no less important. I've been in a number of companies that have head counts over or around 100, and those seem to be the sweet spot. What I find surprising though is that even a giant company like Microsoft can have great culture in its subdivisions. I think that's why I'm having fun in this job... I get to be part of the guiding force to create this environment. I've never had this much opportunity to flex my coaching muscles.


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