Kindergarten launch

posted by Jeff | Friday, September 4, 2015, 9:54 PM | comments: 0

Simon just wrapped up his second week of kindergarten. I think we were all very much ready for him to start, and he definitely needed the stimulation and experiences because it's hard keeping that kid entertained when he's not entertaining himself!

At this point, we're pretty confident that he'll be off the charts great academically, which is what his teachers last year expected. The list of sight words he's supposed to know, by quarter, he can already read. He's a smart kid, and we've observed this a great deal in the last year.

However, we do have some concerns, not the least of which is his inability to consistently eat his lunch. The first day, he came home with all of it except the cheese poofs. The second day, Diana gave him fewer choices and numbers things, and he ate it all. Then he came home with everything. After spying on him, she found that he spaces out, which he does at home, and he also just up and went to the restroom and disappeared there for a bit. We're working on that.

I'm concerned about his writing ability, but he'll get a lot more practice in kindergarten. His social skills seem like they could go either way. He's got a lot of personality, and kids seem to like him. At his age he can be a little different without necessarily standing out.

Maybe the hardest thing for us is that we don't get nearly as much feedback as we did with his previous teachers, especially in his "special" class. That's obviously how things will go forward, so it's an adjustment. His teacher and the school staffing specialist have been pretty good about keeping us in the loop. It's just different.

I'm sure he'll do well, and I'm sure there will be challenges, but I'm excited for our little guy.


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