KMFDM, freaks and sex

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Stephanie and I went out with my brother and his woman and saw KMFDM Monday night at a club here in Cleveland. It was a good time, and it made me realize how much I enjoy all that angst and loud "ultra heavy beat." Gets my ass motivated.

They've had a great many songs over the years that have great lyrics. For example, I just changed my .sig on my sites to a quote from the track Dogma: "We used to hate people, now we just make fun of them. It's more effective that way." How funny is that?

The band got a bad rap from the press when those two fuck heads shot up Columbine. On the surface, one might think the band is about blowing shit up. In reality, my interpretation has always been that they oppose violence and the morons that perpetuate it (and stupidity in general). Noble cause if you ask me.

So at the show, Steph got a chance to get hoochied up a little with her nifty "cave woman shirt." Of course, she still has her nose ring, so being with her I don't feel like a total tool being tattoo and piercing free wearing a Garbage shirt.

At a show like this, of course you get masses of people dressed in black, but what floored me is that the freaky people aren't the same goof balls I remember from high school. Back then, people just wanted to be fucked up looking like Robert Smith from The Cure, one of the ugliest mother fuckers in the history of music. The freaks in school were often the ugly people. That's not the case anymore.

I've noticed at various shows the past few years that the ugly outcast types aren't really the people who make up this scene. Quite the contrary, the women have very well kept hair (black or in deep colors), very expensive tattoos, what I call "good" piercings and nice clothes, often of the fetish variety. Many of these women are very hot, and far more interesting than the Barbies you see elsewhere.

So that got me to thinking about how relatively free people in this scene can be. An article on Wired today talked about "subculture" porn sites, and I was really surprised at what some of them involved. For example, Suicide Girls is certainly porn, but it's a community as well. There are forums and the girls keep online journals. There is no talk of "cum sucking sluts" or the usual braindead porn fare you read about in your spam mail.

That got me to thinking about how weird we are about sex in the US. It's still considered a "dirty" subject. It's kind of liberating to see that there are groups of people who talk about it freely, and express themselves in unique ways. I'd venture to guess that people in that "subculture" are among the most adjusted people around.

So that's how KMFDM got me to thinking about sex, in case you're wondering.

I don't really have a point to make, just that it's interesting to me how diverse people can be. Maybe I'm just bored with all things "normal." Maybe I'm just a little freaked out that I have a house in the suburbs. Regardless, I feel like I'm almost too grounded in what is a "proper" way to be, and I'm worried that maybe it isn't as much fun as I think.

Does any of that make a bit of sense? I didn't think so.


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