Laptop exchange drama

posted by Jeff | Friday, August 17, 2012, 10:24 PM | comments: 0

Last week I wrote about how Apple was going to replace my laptop due to an image persistence problem on the screen. They put some notes in their computer and told me to call Apple Care to get it done.

So I did that, and the support guy told me they couldn't do it, they could only fix it. Given the very precise construction of the thing, I really did not want a repair, as it wouldn't feel quite the same after. Naturally, I insisted that they honor their original offer, and they explained that it was not the retail store's place to make that offer. Still not my problem, as there's only one Apple to me, not different divisions, I told the dude to work it out.

He called the store and got back to me, and said that the store mistakenly thought they were still doing a "capture" of units exhibiting the problem. That's where they get a sample of machines and figure out what the deal is. However, they apparently ended that, and now they were just doing repairs. Still, they agreed to honor the swap.

Nice save, Apple.

I was annoyed that the dude insisted that image persistence is actually "expected behavior," according to some internal document. Please. I've had one other LCD screen in ten years that had that problem (from Dell), and they took the exchange without hesitation.


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