Last practice before tournament

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, February 8, 2006, 9:50 AM | comments: 0

Our first tournament is Sunday, and we had our last practice before that last night. In terms of skills, the kids are still a little rough, but what I'm most excited about is that they're getting along really well and seem to enjoy playing together. That alone is worth its weight in gold. Ability is rarely a problem with the kids I coach, it's usually their desire to succeed.

I've always welcomed former kids to come back to my practices or tournaments, and last night I had one of my Elms kids from the fall at practice. I'm still very proud of her. She was so behind with her skills due to apathy from her former coach, and she worked her ass off to be what she is today. That's the reason I coach... it's awesome to see kids rise to that occasion.


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