Last pre-wedding tasks

posted by Jeff | Saturday, February 28, 2009, 7:06 PM | comments: 0

While Diana is out with Sherry tonight, presumably being forced to observe strange ding-dongs inches from her face (for the first of two bachelorette parties), I'm pleased to see that I'm pretty much done planning stuff on my end. The list is very short now.

I ordered some white linen pants, which ironically have to come from Hawaii, and the perfect black shirt. I already got the shirt, and it's enormous on me, so I have to exchange it for a large by sending it back to Miami. I'm gonna try and see if Tim wants it first, in which case we'd somewhat match.

I went looking at ring prices online for me, and holy crap, a plain platinum band is about half the cost through Amazon. All I want is a plain platinum band, which is pretty easy to make an apples-to-apples comparison on. Diana's will likely come locally because she wants a row of small diamonds, so there is a lot more possible variation. I need to get sized locally too. My former wedding ring slides off my finger, so who knows what size I need today.

The last night of our stay in Hawaii still needs attention too. We'll be coming back from Kauai for a night on Oahu so we can do Pearl Harbor and the big tourist scene there while killing time for our return flight. The plan is to stay at the big Marriott west of Honolulu, where I can use $150 in coupons I got from my Citi rewards card.

Hard to believe I'm getting married. It hasn't really completely sunk in.


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