Last this and that

posted by Jeff | Sunday, September 25, 2011, 8:27 PM | comments: 0

Today we were fortunate enough to have a perfect fall day, Midwest style. We had a strange downpour in the afternoon, but otherwise it was breezy, sunny at times and in the low 60's. Jacket weather. Of course, nothing has been normal about weather here in the last year.

As we went out to the one pizza joint we found that we really liked one last time, I was feeling very nostalgic. It was a combination of nostalgia for living here as well as a more general one for fall jacket weather. It's funny how at some point you start thinking, "Oh, this is probably the last time I'll go here, or do that."

Simon may have had his last visit to his favorite playground today, and last walk down his street (looks like rain tomorrow). He definitely had his last bath in the Aspen Lane house. While here less than a year, this is where he started to crawl, walked for the first time, started to chatter, try new foods... so many great memories!

I'm not sure why moving is such a huge thing in life, why it marks such a distinct beginning and end. The notion of home is less well defined than it ever has been for me, but the move is still a powerful marker in life.


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