Life feels so weird right now

posted by Jeff | Friday, February 2, 2024, 9:49 PM | comments: 0

Do you ever wonder if some people are just wired to experience certain feelings as much as possible regardless of context? I say that because I feel like I've been dealing with serious anxiety since around the start of the pandemic. It hasn't subsided. The side effect is that I don't sleep well, and because I don't sleep well I'm less willing to get up and move around, which certainly has consequences for my health. And I say that at a time when work is mostly solid, I do feel physically OK for the most part (like, I don't get winded going up four or five floors of stairs), and I don't live where there's snow.

This is why I plan to ask my doctor next week about some kind of treatment for the anxiety and insomnia, which I imagine is medical marijuana. But that's after she's disappointed that my triglycerides are still high, though I now speculate that it's because of my hypothyroidism, which looks "good" because of the specific lab numbers related to it, but hypothyroidism can also cause the triglyceride problem. I'm at like 1/3 the dose of levothyroxine recommended relative to my weight, so I'm gonna ask her about it.

But there are a number of smaller things nagging me, and I want to complain about it. Discomfort in life is relative and not easily scored, so I'm not sure why I feel bad about it. Also, a lot of things to rope me in are a bit off, including three planned vacations, the first of which is still six weeks away.


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