Life is pretty groovy right now

posted by Jeff | Thursday, March 31, 2005, 9:47 AM | comments: 1

With the sun shining and the temperature already flirting with 70 on the way to the client's office this morning, I couldn't help but smile and take a little inventory.

First of all, I'm going to a gig I really believe in. The arrangement is very much like self-employment, except I didn't have to find the client. The hourly rate is insane.

My book at least appears to be selling pretty well. We won't have preliminary numbers for another month or so, but the fact that Amazon nearly sold out of it (only five left!) is a good sign. Bookpool also sold out once. If it sells 7,000+ copies by the end of June, we're going back to Hawaii this winter. No question about it.

Advertising on my sites is showing a little glimmer of recovery. That's good news. I have to admit that I don't pay attention to the sites enough, but hopefully this summer I can. Half of my income at the moment is derived from them, so you'd think I would pay attention more.

I've reached a high level of satisfaction with the performance of my volleyball kids. There were a few disappointments in Baltimore last weekend, but placing anywhere in the top third at a Qualifier kicks ass as far as I'm concerned. I'm really proud of them. I have to admit I'm kind of getting attached to them!

Stephanie is a little stressed out by school, but she's doing a nutrition program for our volleyball kid and starting a vegetarian organization at Kent. Clearly this makes her happy and gives her a sense of purpose beyond just going to school. A happy Stephie leads to a happy Jeffy!

I moved the grill out of the garage and back on to the deck. Enough said.

2004 was probably the best year I've had since 2000. This year is already showing a lot of promise. Figuring out what's important in life and living it on your own terms sure does make a person a lot happier. I can't say I've got it totally figured out, but at least I got a clue now and not 30 years from now.


Neuski, March 31, 2005, 3:14 PM #

A happy Stephie leads to a happy Jeffy!

That line sums up the secret of life.

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