Live... from the red room

posted by Jeff | Friday, November 12, 2004, 12:45 PM | comments: 2
I'm wireless down here in the red room. The red room is our family/living room off the kitchen, which we generally don't use a lot except for when people are over (and to cross through to the garage/laundry room). It has a red couch, a red chase, red curtains and the Jurassic Park pinball machine (still need to re-hang the matching movie posters).

This room was always a favorite of mine during unemployed periods, or on sunny weekends. Because our house has all of these eight-foot windows, this room on the south side of the house gets crazy sunlight and cures the cold weather blues that come from being inside all of the time.

The room started to become unusable, however, for a mix of reasons. The carpet was in nasty shape from socked foot traffic for one, which tells you something about how cheap the carpet was when the builder handed us the keys three and a half years ago. Also, because of Luna's psycho problems and illness, she turned the corners of the room into her very own toilet. In other words, the room smelled like cat piss and looked like crap.

We had new carpet installed this weekend. On one hand, it's a crappy expense because it's supposed to be a new house. On the other hand, we now have a room with really nice Berber carpet that's durable, looks and feels great. We rearranged the furniture slightly, and it's like having a new room.

So here I sit checking e-mail and reading the latest Business 2.0, just like old times. A perfect place to contemplate the crossroads I now reside at...


Alex, November 12, 2004, 8:52 PM #

There's nothing like rocking out in the ol' living room.

I like to spend as many winter afternoons as possible in the LA-Z-BOY curled up around my PowerBook. It is conveniently placed adjacent to our pellet stove.

CPLady, November 15, 2004, 12:58 PM #

My living room is done in greys and I hope to add the red accents when Gordon is working again. It's my "quiet room" with an asian theme and feel, and also south facing which is wonderful in the winter.

In fact, yesterday after I got up, I sat in there with a cup of coffee and read the paper in the sunshine, and both cats were stretched out in sunbeams as well.

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