Long lost Material Issue

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, April 12, 2005, 1:00 AM | comments: 1

The other day at my client's office, on what I can only describe as Muzak's 80's/90's/now channel, I heard a cover of Material Issue's song "Everything," a really great sappy indie/pop song circa 1992. The cover was from a band called Stereo Fuse. As covers go, it was a really great version of the song.

I got to thinking, wow, that song is over ten years old now. I bought that album, Destination Universe, in '92 or '93, as well as Freak City Soundtrack, a year or two later. The singer/writer has long since died, I forget how, but what a great gem from that era. That album had "Kim the Waitress," a great track with kind of a citar-inspired sound to it. That one got a lot of airplay on our alternative station in Cleveland at the time.

Just another example of how I can't stand that really great music, despite the Internet, doesn't get out into the world easily. For as much as radio and MTV suck, we're stuck until we all have satellite radio in our cars, and even then, only if they continue to offer a wide range of music with huge play lists the way they do now (ditto for services like the music channels on DirecTV, DMX and Muzak). Maybe then my beloved Venus Hum and Supreme Beings of Leisure will finally get the exposure they deserve.


June 23, 2005, 3:36 AM #

its extremly simple, control the entire airwave, only good music is played, and if somone chooses bad out of a whole shit load of good then we got a problem. music is what moves todays world, why would we move it in a bad direction.Basically what im saying is free airwaves my fuckin ass. we want a way to move thats what where fighting for. i dont move to killing my freinds. although id like to. i choose a more easy listening. do i thinking people can make good choices on there own. absolutly not!

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