Lots of great days lately

posted by Jeff | Saturday, August 14, 2004, 2:45 PM | comments: 0
It's weird, but lately I've noticed how many really good days I'm having, all because I don't need to have a day job.

This week, we went out to lunch with one of my volleyball kids, we went down to PKI for a little while, I spent time playing video games one afternoon... how could anyone complain about that?

It's not all fun and games, but "work" in my business isn't like work either. I really enjoy what I'm doing. Running CoasterBuzz only takes an hour or two a day, looking for news, processing memberships and such, then the rest of my "work" time is dedicated to finishing the book and various software projects.

As the book project winds down, there is the question about what comes next. At this point, I can't see running off to get another job, but I can see developing some of my ideas into something that generates more revenue. Honestly if I could get to a point where I generated another grand a month, we'd be doing very well for being self-employed. I'm not even considering book royalties at this point because there is no guarantee they'll come, and I won't see any until the middle of next year anyway.

The big picture is that I'm living my life on my terms, and it's awesome. There are still some issues I need to focus on (like exercise and diet), but getting control of the external things I think will make it easier to deal with the internals and my somewhat fucked up neuroses.

Life is good.


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