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posted by Jeff | Sunday, February 6, 2022, 8:19 PM | comments: 0

Right around the start of the pandemic, with Disney+ still fairly new, we discovered the series Secrets of The Zoo. It's a behind-the-scenes documentary series (I wish people wouldn't call it "reality," which is generally contrived) that takes place at the Columbus Zoo and its companion range The Wilds. The stories told are what you would expect, with the animals, the keepers and the veterinarians (including Dr. Priya ❤️). They also have a number of similar shows from Tampa, North Carolina and Down Under, as well as the show based at Animal Kingdom following the same formula. Discovery+ and Animal Planet have their more simply named The Zoo, which is based in the Bronx Zoo and the sister parks around New York City. They too have additional shows, for San Diego and one in the UK.

All of these shows demonstrate the dedication of the staffs, as animals are born, some die, some have health problems, and much of the time, they're trying to get the animals to breed. Conservation of the species is the core mission of all zoological institutions now. Most are non-profit, but even those that are not have some of the most skilled care professionals. I realize that there are a lot of people that look at these institutions as some kind of immoral and cruel places for humans to get their jollies looking at animals, but that's a very outdated way to look at it. The animals are typically bred, not captured, and these breeding programs are usually to help counter the loss of natural habitats. Many are also temporary homes for animals that are rehabilitated and released back into the wild. 

Zoos and aquariums, those accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, play a vital role in preserving the animals that human manipulation of the environment are killing off. People don't care about things that they can't see. Zoos offer an opportunity for people to see species they would never otherwise see, and learn about them. It's remarkable how much the keepers and vets learn, too.


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