Love Sports Night!

posted by Jeff | Sunday, March 1, 2009, 2:05 PM | comments: 0

Diana got me Sports Night on DVD for Christmas, and I just started watching the season 2 discs. Have I mentioned that show is awesome? Why is it that so many of the really good shows (like Wonderfalls, among others) get canned before their time?

The writing is so awesome, and surprisingly intense for a show squeezed into 22 minutes. Love it. The cast is pretty amazing too. I forgot William H. Macy was in it second season. Felicity Huffman (married to Macy) is, dare I say it, damn sexy in that show.

I'm still surprised at how relatively accurate the show is/was to real TV, although because of that it irritates me when something isn't right, like the fact that they don't actually have teleprompters on the cameras. Still nothing quite like creating live TV. I miss the opportunity to do that.


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