Lucy and Lisa

posted by Jeff | Thursday, March 26, 2009, 11:49 PM | comments: 0

The weirdness that is Facebook never ends. We've truly entered an era where it's hard to forget anyone you've ever met in your entire life. Or perhaps, now we actually have the choice about who we remember or don't.

Starting I think in third grade, but definitely sixth grade, I was in a class with these two girls, Lucy and Lisa. Both I think were one or two generations removed from Puerto Rico and lived in my neighborhood. I think they were BFF's, because they were pretty much always together. Along with a number of other girls from the 'hood, they were probably among the first that I thought of in a non-cootie way as I got those "special feelings" that came with puberty. I'm sure there was hair pulling. I remember having a particular crush on Lucy for some reason.

So out of the blue, I get a friend invite from Lisa, who rattles off all these girl's names, all people I hadn't seen since the age of 14 or younger, circa 1987.

I'm not sure what to do with this information, if anything. I was recently approached by one of the girls from high school who played volleyball, and we've shared similar stories of marriage and divorce (and newer relationships). But do I try to further those connections? Like I said, I'm not sure what you do with it after that.

The Intertubes sure do make for some strange times.


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