Luna has less than two years to live

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, April 2, 2003, 10:18 AM | comments: 1

Stephanie took our kitten, Luna, to the vet yesterday after she had been throwing up all day Monday. Turns out it was just serious hairballs, but unfortunately she has far worse problems.

She has an enlarged heart, which in turn leads to poor circulation, which means that her body doesn't dispense of excess fluids the right way. Eventually this causes her organs to shut down and she dies.

We've only had her for a year, and the vet says she's probably got less than two years. I'm crushed. I know she's got lots of time left, but she's actually got less time left than her big sister Cosmo. She's a lover with lots of personality, and Steph's buddy. A total mama's girl.

I'm trying to keep perspective, but in the context of this week's other bad news (see previous journal entry), this is getting to be a bit much. I just need to remind myself that I'm healthy, Steph is healthy, I live in a nice house, I'm employed, and the weather is improving.

Things have to start getting better soon. I'm not one to be a pathetic crybaby, but it's a little harder to master your own destiny when so many things are out of your control.


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Luna isn't well lately

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