Making a vacation count

posted by Jeff | Sunday, August 12, 2012, 11:55 PM | comments: 0

Diana and I have had some fairly outstanding vacations. Some were brief, like our first overnight together to see tennis in Cincinnati. Others were of medium length, and included exceptional partying for people in their 30's, like our visit to Universal Orlando in November 2007. A year later we had a great week at Disney World. Our destination wedding was insanely awesome, and the following week in Hawaii was not bad despite suboptimal weather.

We continued to take vacations after Simon was born, but our expectations were quite different. Honestly, we didn't really have any expectations. We decided before he was born that it was important to continue traveling and doing stuff, and with the miles that kid logged, we definitely stuck to that plan. I think the strongest example of this was our January 2011 trip to Orlando. We had a pretty good time, and Simon was really excellent.

But given the whirlwind of life that has been the Family Puzzoni Experience, me and Red Delicious have had few opportunities to really let go and have adult fun. It's not that we don't love spending time with Simon, it's just that there is a different brand of fun you can't really have with him in your company. We've had some date nights with babysitters, of course, and an overnight away in Puget Sound, but we've been wanting something a little bigger.

So later this year, Simon is going to get a few days of quality time with Nanna and Nonno while we jet off to one of the few places we probably wouldn't go with Simon until he's an adult: Las Vegas. We talked about the usual destinations, as well as some new things to try, but they were all things or places we'll do with Simon. Our one visit to Las Vegas together ended with me getting a massive sinus infection, so we need a do-over.

Plans aren't specific yet, but we'll figure something out. We're going to make it count, for sure. One of the five-diamond hotels, probably a show or two, good food. (Insert the recurring matching tattoo joke here.) Probably not a lot of gambling, but Diana will get some craps in, and I'm sure there will be video poker at a casino bar (fastest route to "free" beverages).


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