Mapping out 2010 travel

posted by Jeff | Saturday, February 27, 2010, 12:05 PM | comments: 0

We've been talking a lot about the travel we'd like to do this year. It's sweet to start a job and get three weeks vacation (not to mention the month of baby leave). They do it the right way as well, accumulating as you go. That's a rate of ten hours per month.

I'm going to make a solo 60-hour turn around to Kings Dominion for their media event, I'm pretty sure. Shoot some HD video of that new beast they put up. Diana's aunt will be here during that time, so we'll have baby backup. Also coaster related, we have long weekends for Fall Affair in September (not sure where to fly into for that), and BooBuzz in October. Then there's Universal Orlando, either in November or December, depending on whether or not I want to do IAAPA. If we wait until after Thanksgiving, there's Grinchmas.

For as long as I knew we were moving here, I've expressed desire to do a driving trip up the far side of the sound, and around the Olympic Mountains to the coast, then down into Oregon and back up through Portland. I haven't really mapped that one out, but it's a lot of scenery I'd like to see. I've seen parts of the Oregon coast, and would like to go as far south as the aquarium out there.

With all of the Vancouver BC porn on TV lately, naturally we've taken a strong desire to go there as well. And then Samantha Brown did a show on it too, so now we want to add that to the list. Aside from whatever the border crossing traffic is, that's a really easy drive.

We still have some more random travel desires too, like San Francisco and Las Vegas, though the latter would be kinda silly with an infant child.

And then there's the family visit to the Carolinas, which could be in the summer, or it could be around Christmas. Hard to really nail that one down just yet, but we'll see.


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