Mason's baptism weekend

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I was a little bummed out prior to this weekend, as all my fellow coaster geeks went to one of the two big events this spring. Our time will come in the fall, but it's still odd not to have the parks as a part of our spring.

Fortunately, Simon's cousin Mason had his baptism this weekend, which is kind of a throw back to before we were even engaged, and I visited Seattle the first time, for Nina's baptism (Mason's sister). I could not have imagined that I would live and work out here, we'd be married with a child, and Joe and Kristen would have their second. I can't even wrap my head around that.

But in any case, I offered to take pictures again. For Nina it was Joe's sister (Diana) and Kristen's brother as the godparents, this time it was Joe's brother Sam and her sister in law. There weren't as many people in town this time around, but Sam hadn't met Simon yet, and of course Diana's dad will take every chance he can get to see his three west coast grandkids.

It was nice to have a chance to be social outside of work. They had a neighbor's backyard fire thingy, so I got to be around a campfire after all! The neighbor works for The 'Soft as well, so we talked about free soda and bus routes.

Simon actually did pretty well. He was quiet in church, when he wasn't singing along. The timing of his feeding just happened to work out right. Mason was pretty hilarious, as when the priest did what we affectionately call the "Lion King moment" after the baptism, holding him over his head, he gave a big smile and giggle for the congregation. He did this with Nina too, though we weren't expecting it, and it made everyone nervous because both kids were wearing what is less affectionately known as "the dress." Kristen's family has a satin baptismal robe that I guess kids in the family have been wearing for something like 70 years now. It may sound goofy, but it's kind of a neat tradition.

After dinner, I actually got to hit a volleyball around with the neighbor girl. She's about middle school age I think, and when I got too tired to chase the ball around, I resorted to coaching her. The gratification that comes from seeing a kid respond to your instruction and feel empowered came rushing back to me. Clearly I need to get back into coaching.

Diana got to finally partake of some alcohol, and we seemed to have moved Simon at all the right times so there were no meltdowns. Poor kid has been messed up since we had our vacation last week. Today, unfortunately, he had a harder time. We went back to their house for some additional visit time, but he got kind of cranky. When we got home, he stayed happy long enough to feed him again, get him a much needed bath, and then he passed out.

I picked up an awful sniffle last night, and I've been trying to keep my happy face on all day. I think it was the flowers at the church that triggered it, but the smoke from the fire clearly made it worse. The podcast should be interesting.

Overall though, a pretty solid weekend. Good to spend some time with Simon's little cousins too!


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