Measuring free time productivity sure is weird

posted by Jeff | Monday, October 26, 2020, 5:45 PM | comments: 0

I woke up Sunday morning kind of energized by the amount of stuff I achieved in my free time the day before. I've taken a little grief from myself over the last few months about how many projects I've worked on, and haven't finished any of them, so delivering on one of them naturally feels pretty good.

Then I had a startling question: Why am I measuring the productivity about the things I do for fun in my free time? When I say that out loud, it feels gross and toxic. When we do things for fun, we're not bound to some metrics or made to be delivery focused. Doing the things is what makes for the fun. In fact, it should also be OK to do nothing, if we so choose. I realize some people can't physically do that, but I can, and I always feel better for it.

Since one can argue that we only have so many keystrokes left to bang out on the keyboard of life, we should make those count. Meh, maybe that's true, but I feel like sometimes I lose sight of the feelings that come with being present and doing something pleasurable. The last few weekends, and even a few evenings, I worked hard on that music player and really got excited about the outcome. It isn't "finished," but I brought it a long way and I'm using it every day. That's exciting.

I need to remember to be OK with it when other weeks aren't like that.


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