Missing Garbage

posted by Jeff | Friday, September 18, 2009, 2:10 AM | comments: 0

The thing about having your entire library of music on your phone is that you're often reminded of your life's enormous soundtrack. The last Garbage album is now more than four years in the past, and that sucks.

The official site has nothing to share, other than Shirley uses Facebook. She's been active lately, too. And there are some cute photos of here there that are non-Terminator like. I like this one. Even more surprising, one without her trademark eyeliner. Sounds like she's seen a lot of death and destruction in her life by reading her notes.

Apparently, Geffen dropped her because they thought her solo music was too dark. Like, they never listened to a Garbage record? I mean, the last album was called Bleed Like Me. Not everything has to be puppies and rainbows.

I've always liked her sound and style (aside from the time she says she hated herself, cut her hair off and went blonde). I hope we haven't heard the last from her.


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