Money makes you crazy

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, September 14, 2005, 1:09 AM | comments: 0

I had one of my brief money-induced freak-outs today. It's like credit card statements and bills all come at exactly the same time.

Ugh. I'm so tired of having this feeling. I mean, I feel a little trapped because the alternative is doing work I don't care about at the moment and making oodles of cash. I get recruiter calls several times a week, so certainly there are opportunities. But going from one thing you don't really want to do to another isn't exactly fun.

There is another alternative, and that's going out and doing new things that are wholly my own. I can't really make a living from my Web sites as of today, but I can make about one half to two-thirds of a living. Duh, if I branch out I can continue to build that figure.

Then I was talking today with the athletic director at my school about how high school Web sites suck (including my school's). They could be better, and serve higher, more useful functions for both marketing and communication with existing students. I've been talking a long time about how there are some really obvious pieces of Web-based software they could use. I need to explore that since I have an obvious "in" there.

But in the short term, there's just that debt looming there. I've got the total finance charge down under $50 a month through creative balance transfers, but that runs out in the spring. It bothers the shit out of me.

Yeah, I could suck it up and be a grown up and do shit I don't like, but I've met so many miserable bastards in that boat that it's no alternative. I'd rather worry about money than be someone that lets their soul be sucked away one third of their waking hours doing something they don't care about.


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