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posted by Jeff | Wednesday, March 3, 2010, 8:02 PM | comments: 0

Interesting day on the financial front just as we're about to have a new tax write-off. :) Refund this year will be fairly substantial, and that's good. Not paying state or local taxes for a very long time going forward is also good. Diana's short sale arrangement looks like it's on the right track, so here's hoping that all follows through. Still not comfortable with our level of debt, but it's getting better. It's nice to see investments slowly creepy upward, and it feels really good to make meaningful contributions again. I've even been able to donate.

My Realtor® made a completely ridiculous suggestion about dropping the price of my house, and that ain't gonna happen. I'm starting to get fairly annoyed in part because I don't feel like I can do anything about it. Being far away does not help. I'm not sure if my frustration is with her or the situation. If it's not sold by early summer, I'm gonna be super pissed.

But I'm thankful for the tax refund. Chances are pretty good that we'll be rolling that right back into taxes next year once Diana's house is sold. The loss for the bank is considered income for us.


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