More Cee Po, please!

posted by Jeff | Friday, October 19, 2012, 10:52 AM | comments: 0

Simon covers his eyes when he's standing near a roller coaster and it goes by (unless it's quiet, like Maverick), and yet, he is borderline obsessed with watching video of roller coasters.

It started when I was cutting video from Cedar Point on my computer, where he insisted on being a fixture on my lap. When I was done, he got upset, and wanted to watch more. So I found some other edited video clips, and played those for him. Before too long, he was coming up to me every time I was sitting in front of a computer, asking, "More Cee Po, please." It's starting to sound more like Cedar Point every day.

Then I made the mistake of realizing that I could put the video clips on a USB stick and plug them directly into my TV. Actually, my intention was to see how the compressed video looked on a 55" TV (answer: better than I expected). Now, he knows exactly which remote to bring me, since the only thing the dedicated TV remote is used for is playing back USB clips. One of the clips, from the Gatekeeper announcement Q&A, he gets upset because it's mostly John and Monty talking, but he loves the ride animation. I've created a monster.

My hope is that his desire to watch the rides translates into a desire to ride them, eventually. We got as far as sitting down in Jr. Gemini last weekend, but he wanted to bail once we got into the train.


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